MJ Kinman Workshop Friday February 2nd 2018

MJ Kinman Workshop Friday February 2nd 2018





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MJ Kinman Workshop Friday February 2nd 2018

2018 Member 50.00 (non-member 60.00)


Treasure Hunting: Discovering abstract designs in Exquisite Gemstones

Treasure Hunting: Discovering Abstract Designs in Exquisite Gemstones
Skill Level: All (no sewing required)
Subject: Design; pattern-making

Using images of gemstones, students will create their own stunning abstract designs of faceted light. Taking cues from shards of light and color, students will learn how to identify basic faceting patterns and become familiar with the principles of abstraction. Once familiar with the underlying structure of a gemstone, students will use various sizes of “lenses” (cut-outs) or the cropping tool in an online image editing tool to audition the unlimited number of faceted landscapes that exist within a single image. Once students have selected a landscape they love, they will learn how to chart the facets on a freezer paper template, utilizing the coding techniques for tracking color, placement and adjacency that I use to create my giant gem portraits. Students will leave the class with a fully charted paper template that they can use as the basis for a future quilt, painting or stained glass piece. A supply list will be provided at time of booking.

1:00-4:30 Friday February 2, 2018. Salvation Army Finney Town Ohio.