Remarkable Hand Applique

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I have had a passion for applique since the day that I started quilting. At that time, I used a fusible method but I did not like the fact that the appliques were stiff and difficult to quilt. The only other option was hand applique but with my very large hands I saw this as something almost impossible.

Necessity being the mother of invention I came up with this method of applique and have used it ever since for all of my prize winning quilts. The stitches are perfect. The applique edges are turned. A hundred years from now my appliques will still hold up and be looking Remarkable.

I had designed a Remarkable butterfly for my students which will be part of a mandatory kit $50.00. The kit includes all of the essential supplies to do my applique method. There are additional products that I use, which you will be welcome to borrow and try out from me. If you like these additional products you may choose to purchase your own.


What to Expect from The Instructor

There will be plenty of hands on attention, making sure that you know what you are doing and that you will be able to continue to do this once you get home on your own. I love my method of doing applique and I want you to love it too!

Come with a full size sewing machine in good working order. An open toe foot would be fantastic. You may want to take notes as you see the demonstrations so please bring paper and a pen. I taught my 85 year old mother how to do these appliques and she went home to California and made a table runner. There is a tiny learning curve so come with an open mind and willing to work. I ask you, as with all of my classes, to be positive and tell yourself “I can do this!” Download the supply list by clicking Here before showing up to class

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