Felice Quilt Designs

Circle Sampler (4 circles – 16 different stitches)

Saturday, June 3rd, 2021 10am-4pm

Location: Kramer’s Sew and Vac., 9907 Montgomery Rd

The Stitches Sampler Class is one that welcomes beginners as well as intermediate wool appliqué stitchers wanting to learn embroidery stitches to embellish their work. It will be created on a 10″ white wool block.
The class will consist of learning sixteen stitches and produce them on a series of Four Double Wool Circles provided in the Kit. The Wool Kit includes a photo card with all the stitches labelled. There will be three color combinations of kits available.
The book that will be used in class is Sue Spargo’s Creative Stitching. It is optional, but helpful. It can be purchased at www.felicequiltdesigns.com
Needles included are Clover© Size 20 & 24 Chenille Needle and Tulip© Size 1 Milliners Needle. There will be four circles! Three spools of Eleganza© perle cotton is included. The kit is $35 and has Mistyfuse lightweight fusible on the back of the circles. You will just need to steam fuse the circles to your background to get started.
Supplies you need to bring:

  1. Scissors to cut wool and thread
  2. Small Iron and Pressing Mat
  3. Pencil
  4. White Chalk Marking Pencil (Sewline)
  5. Small light if desired

Wool Kit includes:

  1. Pattern – photo card with all the stitches labelled
  2. Three spools of size 5 Eleganza© perle cotton thread
  3. Mistyfuse lightweight fusible
  4. Wool thread for whipstitching
  5. Size 20 & 24 Chenille Needles
  6. Milliner Needle Size 1

16 stitches included in 4 circles

  1. Back Stitch 34
  2. Single Threaded Back Stitch 37
  3. Chain Stitch 169
  4. Fly Stitch 127
  5. Drizzle 100
  6. Bullion. 92
  7. Stem 2
  8. Woven Picot 148
  9. Double Cast On 96
  10. Pekinese 40
  11. French Knot 104
  12. Tete de Boeuf 135
  13. Pistil 106
  14. Woven Picot 148
  15. Bullion Rose 110
  16. Seed Stitch 55

This workshop is $50.00 for members. Non-members will be required to pay an additional $10.00 non-member fee. Additional $35 kit fee payable to Felice.

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