Saturday, October 5, 2019 – Larry McKenney

Landscape Confetti Workshop

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Wonderfully talented Larry McKenney will show you how to accomplish beautiful landscape quilts on Saturday during his Landscape Confetti workshop.
You will receive instruction on the basic design elements of a landscape and then you will create your own interpretation of a landscape quilt. Starting with background fabric, you will build layers for the middle ground and foreground using “Misty fuse”, a lightweight fusible. Using fabric paints and/or fabric markers, you will enhance your piece and give it depth and dimension. Demonstrations will be given on free-motion quilting to finish the quilt.
Supply List:

  • 1 piece of foam-core board (20×30 – a standard size) covered with batting. Wrap the batting around the board and tape ti to the back using making tape. This will be your work station and make it easy to carry back and forth to the ironing station.
  • Small rotary cutter: I suggest an 18mm or 28 mm; it is easy to manipulate and but intricate areas.
  • Scissors: I suggest a small pair and a large pair. The small one is good for cutting small areas.
  • 1 box of parchment paper. (we use this so that the fusing does not clog up the iron)
  • Black Sharpie Marker (fine point and extra fine point work very well)


    • 1 yd. of plain white cotton (can be muslin, bleached or unbleached)
      I work with a lot of textured fabrics like Stonehenge and Batiks.
    • 1/4 to 1/2 yd cuts should be enough.
    • For a spring or summer landscape you will need three to four values of green; black, brown, or gray (for tree trunks); and sky fabric.
    • For an autumn landscape you will need red, yellow, orange for the leaves and either black, brown, or gray for the tree trunks.
    • If you want, you can do a mono-chromatic landscape using five or six values of one color (i.e., purple, blue, etc.)
    • For the tree trunks, I like to use a textured fabric rather than a solid. The textured fabric gives a more authentic look to the tree.
    • Threads: choose threads to match the fabrics you will be using. I like to use variegated threads because they blend well.
    • Misty fuse will be available; cost $1.50 per yard. Bring an empty paper towel roll to roll it on.

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