Friday June 7, 2019 – Mickey Lawler

Painting Sky and Water Fabrics

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In a relaxed atmosphere of warmth and good humor, you will spend the day painting skies and waters: blue summer skies, sunsets, oceans, waterfalls etc. with an emphasis on becoming familiar with non-toxic transparent permanent textile paints, mixing, and applying the paints to cotton fabric for use in quilts. You will generally be able to complete about 3 – 5 yards of fabric. The designs you produce will be a combination of planning and serendipity and give you hands-on experience and the confidence to do more hand-coloring fabric on your own.

This class is suitable for all levels and particularly good for those who have little or no experience with fabric paints. Moderate physical activity involved (standing, walking, etc.).

Lab fee: $18.(one-day) for use of paints and other materials.

Please make note of the supply list provided below for all of Mickey Lawler’s fabric painting workshops.
Mickey Lawler
Each student must bring:
– Brushes and sponges: 1 natural sponges about the size of your hand (paint supply stores are least expensive), about 8 inexpensive 1”=3” natural bristle brushes, and 4 sponges brushes. You will find both styles of brushes at hardware stores, art supply/craft stores. Be sure they are suitable for water-based paints.
– Apron (or wear old clothes)
– Plastic bags for possibility of having to take home some damp fabric
– Rubber gloves (disposable doctor-type from pharmacy work best)
– 20” X 30” piece of ¼” – 3/16” thick FoamCore (Staples or other office supply; also art supply stores)
– 2-3 yards of good white 100% cotton fabric. It’s not necessary to prewash fabric if drops of water sink immediately into the fabric. However, if drops of water sit on the surface, prewash fabric with detergent or choose a different fabric. No need to iron. (I buy my broadcloth #453 from Testfabrics, Kaufmann, Pimatex and Patina are good also, but their Kona cotton is a bit coarse for painting. Both Kaufmann’s are generally available at quilt shops.) Please do not cut fabric before the class.
OR you may email me at AT LEAST 4 WEEKS PRIOR TO CLASS and request that I bring suitable fabric for purchase in class.
– A dozen or so straight pins
– Permanent marking pen, scissors, paper towels
– 10-15 half pint cottage cheese-style containers OR 12 snack-size “Gladware”-style containers for mixing paints.
– 2 containers that will fit the natural sponge
– Light-weight plastic drop cloth, cut into 12-16 pieces, approx. 2ft. X 1.5ft. (Clear or white plastic only, please)
– Plastic plant mister bottle at least 16 oz. (Please make sure it “mists”.)
$18 materials fee per student for handouts, unlimited use of paints, and other supplies.


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