Saturday, May 6, 2023
10 AM to 1 PM
Bell Tower Arts Pavilion, 3270 Glendale Milford Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45241

Kit Fee paid at time of registration

You love your little Featherweight. Now learn the best way to clean and maintain it. This will not be a repair lesson, but it might help you avoid the need for repairs.

Emails Linda at with your machine’s two letter-six number serial number (found underneath the machine near the extension bed) at least two weeks before the class. Linda will provide the approximate era of manufacture for the machine at class time.

Featherweight Cleaning and Maintenance Supply List

Bring your Singer 221 sewing machine, complete with bobbin case, bobbin, foot controller and carrying case if you have it. We will not be sewing, but we will be teaching how to correctly use the machine components.
Supplies you need to bring:
1. A spool of sewing thread (to learn how to correctly thread the machine)
2. A featherweight bobbin with thread on it
3. A notebook or paper and pencil or pen to take notes
4. A flashlight
5. Magnifying glasses for closeup work if you use them

$20 Kit includes:
1. Slotted screwdriver
2. Small bottle of sewing machine oil
3. Tube of sewing machine lubricant
4. Pipe cleaner (not the hobby kind)
5. Two wooden toothpicks
6. Paper towel
7. Lint brush
8. One new size 80 Schmetz universal point needle
9. Enlarged copies of the 221 manual pages showing oiling and lubrication
10. Kit is in a zip-top plastic bag.

Members may take this class for $55, which includes a $20 required kit fee; Non-members must add this non-member workshop fee.