Baby Ashton by Roxanne Hummel

Averys Quilt by Pat Griggs

Fabric Weaving by Pam Seip

Grandmothers Flower Garden by Pam Chiappone

Shoo Dash by Michele Hellmann

Fussy Cut Brights by Michele Hellmann

Scrappy 4×5 Blocks Quilt by Laurey Patterson

Bright Gerometric Quilt by Laurey Patterson

Remarkable Fabric Weaving by Kim Pearson

Bally Hall Birds Strippy by Kathy Saunders

Time & Change by Jody Huneke

Coin Purse 2 by Dorothy Gillstrap

Black & White Beauty by Diana McDonough

All Star Quilt by Barbara Retty

To Boldly Go by Alex McDonough

Sofia & the Fishes by Adele Hunt

Fabric Weaving Rainbow by Adele Hunt