Vicky Carroll King Reunion

Vicki Otten Salvation Army Doll Quilts

Trish Herbers Logans Forest

Michelle Hellmann Feathered Star

Mary Royer Spider Web

Marsha Gaines Flower Wall Hanging

Marge Krieger Stained Glass Glory

Lin Miller Turtles and Tadpoles

Jerri Steigerwald Freedom Stars Table Run

Jerri Steigerwald Cathedral Stars

Jeanette Wilson Star Light Star Bright

Helen Burchert Collage Dog

Hannah Kratzer Scrappy Dark Green

Donna Haskins Moda Blockheads

Diana McDonough State Of The Union

Darlene Basone Pink Baby Quilt

Cheri Jacobs Twitter

Cheri Jacobs Dollie

Barbara Harrison Winter Woods

Andrea Wilson The Remains Of The Day