Lone Star with Broderie Perse by Diane Livezey

Little Girl Things by Jeanette Wilson

Quilts of Valor by Cassi Bauman

Cathedral Stars by Cassi Bauman

Baby Quilt by Donna Labitzke

Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles by Carole Douglas 

Sun Bonnet Sue and Overall Sam by Hannah Kratzer

Vintage Quilt by Janine Keeton

Atumn Leaves by Connie Baker

Fancy Cards by Chris Caster

Sweet Pea by Carole Douglas

Hearts and Shells by Carole Douglas

Quilts of Valor by Barbara Harrison

Like Joseph’s Coat by Marilyn Hasselbeck

Snails Trail by Bobbie Dempwolf

Shoofly by Carolyn Sullivan

giraffe by Cheri Jacobs-Georgie

St Patrikk’s Kitty by Brenda Hebel

Over the River & Through the Woods by Ginny Ingle

Spring Patchwork by Ginny Ingle