Batik Leaves by Barbara Harrison

Strip Sunset by Barbara Harrison

Fiona by Brenda Hebel

Fiona the Hippo by Brenda Hebel

Zoe the Zebra by Brenda Hebel

Delightful Desert by Cheryl Monaghan

Sweet Tweets by Cheryl Monaghan

Totes by Cheryl Monaghan

Parfait by Diane Schultz

Stars Antique by Dorothy Gilstrap

Whale by Dorothy Gilstrap

Gaelic Knot by Jeanette Wilson

Catch and Release by Lane Stocker

Scrappy Sisters by Mary Carol Meinken

Sara and Riley Wedding Quilt by Meredith Loughran

Bunny Quilt by Pat Tolzmann

Dress Form by Suzette Middleton

Girl in the Woods by Suzette Middleton